The PWC provides all of the propulsion for the Flyboard®. Using a set of unique and patented adapters, inventor Frank Zapata of Zapata Racing, turned an ordinary watercraft into a Water Sports Sensation. The thrust from the PWC is routed through a long hose up to the Flyboard® where a rider can divert and control that thrust to create any type of movement he or she desires. All of the thrust developed from the PWC is routed through the hose, so the PWC just follows behind the rider in trail giving you the freedom to go anywhere, even underwater. The Flyboard® has its own buoyancy and therefore floats on the water allowing the rider more safety and easier time in the water prior to start. You can fly over the water, under the water, and have complete freedom to fly freestyle without the risk of getting hurt. We can assure you that the Flyboard® is extremely SAFE. We have many options for anyone who would like to buy or try the Flyboard®.

About the Flyboard (How it works)

Created by Franky Zapata, Founder and CEO of Zapata Racing in France, the Flyboard is a personal jet pack that mounts to your feet. The water pressure created from a personal watercraft (PWC) is redirected through a 55 foot hose that splits into two nozzles right beneath your feet that are pointed down, creating lift. There is a detachable rotating main bearing directly beneath the Flyboard which allows the Flyboard to spin freely around the supply hose.

Who controls it?

There are two options for throttle control. While learning to fly, you will have an instructor on the PWC controlling the throttle. This lets you focus on the basics and keeps you safe until you get the hang of it. More advanced fliers can control the throttle and start/stop of the PWC from the handholds on the Flyboard with the use of the EMK (Electronic Management Kit). Fancy maneuvers and tricks require precise timing and throttle control. When you are ready to step it up, the EMK is a must-have accessory.

The Flyboard can attach to most PWC’s. Using a set of unique set of patented adapters, you can quickly attach or completely remove the Flyboard. It is not necessary to commit your machine solely for the use of the Flyboard.

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly the Flyboard is much easier than you might think. Many people ask us how hard it is to fly. When given proper instruction, and assuming the student can follow directions, most people will be out of the water and flying in the first five minutes, and many within 30 seconds. After 20 minutes or so, you could easily have the basics down and have good control of your movements over the water. Some have great balance and natural ability, and therefore will learn more quickly, but everyone will have a great time as they learn to fly. Your subsequent flights just get better, as you gain your ‘flying legs’.

About the Hoverboard

The Hoverboard release date was in June of 2014, and combines the fun and thrill of wake boarding, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding.... and FLIGHT.

Come experience the evolution of Hydro sports!!!