Once again we saw the commitment and dedication of hydroflight athletes involved in the recent Hydro Fest competition in Nevada. People traveled from across the US (and beyond) to compete and show their stuff.  We know we are lucky to be able to create hydrosport gear and be able to participate in such an exciting, fun growing sport. However, we seem to be using use the word “serious” a lot these days when we talk about the way we do the business.  Hydro sport is maturing, opening up and we are finally getting the chance to openly compare different products, company approaches and gear.  We treat our product development seriously and know that all of the people that purchase and ride hydroflight sport gear feel the same.  We value your choosing X-Jets and want to support you in your pursuits and businesses.

With respect, that we feel is equal to what all our customers put into our hydroflight gear, X is to raising its commitment bar with our new X+ lifetime warranty on Y tubes and Nozzles of Jetblades and X-Jetpacks, two of the key structural elements that keep your gear flying.  By lifetime, we mean the lifetime of the product, which we consider to be 8 years for personal use, four years for rental use.  For the lifetime of the Jetblade or Jetpack, we will repair or replace any Y-tube or nozzle that fails to perform due to materials, workmanship or regular wear and tear. This includes rental and professional use, including riders like Ben and Hunter and working pros like Jake (yes, we know there are not many riders like Ben and Hunter and Jake… )

(Jetpack nozzle assemblies consist of the nozzle, arm flex link and upper arm telescoping tube. The nozzle section with the bearing, sealing and torsion bar containment tube is covered by the X+ warranty.)

We have designed our hydroflight water jetpacks and jetboards to be used by beginners in rental operations and by pros in world class competitions.  Hard anodized powder coated marine grade aluminum has proven itself to be durable and stand what the rental beaches of Thailand and the top pros can throw with it.

Trust the gear that the manufacturer stands behind.  Serious metal gear, depend on X-Jets.

So, how do you like us now?

[*It is disappointing when a competitor hydrosport company develops substandard products, and then tries to weasel out of repairing or replacing things when they break.  When a company labels its product “Pro” or even “Sport” then tells you that it is designed for leisure use only and any actual “professional use” or sport use voids the warranty, it rightly questions the basic integrity.  What does that mean in practice?  Use of a board by a professional is “extreme”, they are tough on equipment right? Seems fair, you might think, to make them or their companies pay for spare parts when stuff breaks.  Before you answer, what if the manufacturer draws the warranty voiding line at a single backflip, or flying two meters high? That’s right, six feet above the water, fly to seven feet and your warranty is done, attempt a backflip and you are on your own for anything that happens to your equipment afterwards.  Meet the makers of a new “industry standard” for the breathless little startups to imitate.  When the industry leader decides to lower the bar literally, claiming a two meter height limit on warranty, renaming his sport product “leisure” equipment to get around hard use, we had to get serious.  We have never been one to follow a flawed industry standard in this young, dynamic and growing sport,we are not about to start now.]


Another Safety Feature Coming Soon

XTR – Total Release Bindings for Hydroflight Jetboards (Quick Release)


 Hydroflight, as any flight based sport has risks.  We are determined to do everything we can to make it safer. Flying over the water you need complete trust in your equipment and your connection to it.  However in an emergency, the quicker you can get out away from it the better.  This is a common thread through sports, from car racing to skiing to paragliding.   The XTR Total Release is the next step in addressing the safety needs of the jetboard community.

We had one main requirement as the brief, give the ability for a first time user to exit the board as quickly as possible with as few chances for hang ups as possible.  Such emergencies can be simple or complicated.

·        A first time user might just want to be free of the board.

·        The hose can get caught on an obstruction under water and start to tug the user under water when pressurized by the Jet Ski.

·        An unpowered jet ski and rider in flowing water can get caught on a buoy and the rider and the ski can be dragged under due to the current forces.

·        A boat passing between the ski and the rider can catch the hose and drag the rider.

·        The Jet Ski could sink (unlikely given floatation foam inside).

·        Lots of things we haven’t thought of, in short, there are times you want to give the rider the possibility of a quick out.